Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Knowing about who you’re voting for is just as important as voting. Not everyone can be judged based on their speech because many politicians may be good at talking but others might not. Research is an important part of being informed. To know who you’re voting for, you have to be able to evaluate the ideology of candidates, their honesty, and their campaigns. We serve the trusted guide to solve the crisis between voters and leaders. We aim to convert Indian voters into informed voters by delivering the right information to them. Our mission is to convey helpful, right, and specific information to our readers so that they can use this information in making the right choice. We always try to convey the right information to our readers by giving the right details about their leaders. We cover all the pertinent details about the politicians. Our information includes brief details about the candidate, its current position, past life and changes over the years. We try to highlight their qualities to help the voters to choose the best. To serve you best, we provide comprehensive coverage which is loyal and reliable to voters and leaders both.

Our Vision

In the present time, the importance of voting is lost amongst the hassles of life. Many people don’t take interest into exercising their right to vote. Many people sit back and relax on the voting day while some of them genuinely cast their votes. Some of them are different and prefer only to cajole about particular candidates. Everyone complains and give suggestions that the government should do this and that but when the voting day comes, it goes without half of the Indian population paying attention. The fault lies with both the voters and leaders. Voting lets us determine who will take decisions in future for us. Election is the one key way to choose right candidate to lead us. It is a chance to elect someone who will represent your views. We encourage people to vote and choose the best leader to craft policy for them. We want to inform people about the importance of politics and their vote. We aim to empower people about the election and politics related information. We are working hard to reframe the mindset of the people to the entire political scenario producing transparent, loyal, trustworthy journalism through a high level of technology.